About The Project

We want to publish as much as possible about the project and how we work, so that anyone who wants can get an insight in #ProjectOsloRegion.


Here you can read about the project, why it is important, how we are planing to do it, as well as the goal for the strategy.

Video presentation

To simpler explain what #ProjectOsloRegion is and why it is important, we have created a short video presentation which can be seen here.

Project organisation

Here you will find full insight into how the project organization is built and those that are involved in it.


One of our partners throughout this project is URBACT. They enables cities to work together and to share good practices and lessons learned with all professionals involved in urban policy throughout Europe. Through URBACK we have found some very interesting documents to the process and strategy work that can be read here.

Cities of inspiration

Through the project we looked at other cities for inspiration to the process and strategy work.

Regional strategies

As a part of the research process to our strategy, we look at other strategies from establishments in the region as a part of our source material. These regional strategies will be published in Norwegian here.

National view of the Oslo Region

We are utilizing articles and other resources that provide a national view on the Oslo Region as input to the process.

International view of the Oslo Region

International surveys, studies, indexes and analysis will be important input to the process of indentifying how we can change the view of the region internationally.