International views on the Oslo Region

Monocle films – Oslo

In connection with the Monocle City Survey project,  Monocle made ​​a visual treat about Oslo.


The next supermodel

“Politicians from both right and left could learn from the Nordic countries.”

The next supermodel

The Good Country Index

The Good Country Index tries to measure how much each country on earth contributes to the planet and to the human race. If you want to find out how much Norway contributes you can take a look here.

The Good Country Index

Monocle City Survey

October 16th the Oslo City Survey was published with the latest edition of Monocle magazine. This survey was ordered by Oslo Business Region and has been a test project on private -public partnership for international communication. Oslo Business Region is the public company that currently has the mandate to promote Oslo internationally. In the context of profiling strategy to the Osloregion which is now under preparation , will this be a look from the outside and added to an international media analysis.

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Norway and the Oslo region in international analysis –Survey of the attractiveness of Oslo as place for startups

IKT Norge has conducted a international survey of the attractiveness of Oslo as a place for startups, compared to other European cities. One of the questions asked was what associations the respondents connected to Oslo/Norway, and the full response can be found here.

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The Nation Brand Index

Norwegians are perceived as honest, hard working and talented in a recent international country reputation survey. Norway is rated as number 13 out of the 50 countries included in the survey.

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 UN Human Development Index

Norway is placed at the very top in the United Nations Human Development Index. The analysis is based on life expectancy, education and GDP per capita, and the final Human Development Index, rating measures the living standard, economical and social development of a country.

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24/7 Wall Street review of the UN HDI top 10

24/7 Wall Street has reviewed the top 10 and the bottom 10 of the most livable countries in the world based on the UN living conditions survey.

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2014 Country RepTrack

The Reputation Institute has done a study on the 55 most reputable countries in the world. Norway is considered number 6.

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Big citys attractiveness on international labor/ Decoding Global Talent

Boston Consulting Group has conducted a survey of 200 000 respondents on global mobility and employment preferences of the international workforce, determining what cities are found most appealing. Oslo is situated in 22nd place, with Stockholm on 19th, and Copenhagen on 28th. 2,1% of the respondents said they would consider working in Oslo.

Martin Prosperity Institute Ranking Global Cities

Oslo was in 2013 rated as number 3 when it comes to economic and cultural development, conducted by internationally renowned Martin Prosperity Institute. Access to technology, tolerance and talent are the deciding categories in this survey.

IESE Cities in Motion Index

Oslo is rated as number 10 in the spanish IESE Business Schools Cities in Motion Index over the smartest cities in the world. The index rates 153 cities based on 50 indicators in 10 different categories. Oslo is the only Scandinavian city in the top 10, and the survey indicates that Oslo needs to improve on its international marketing.

The World Bank list of richest countries in the world

Norway comes in second place in the lates annual listing of the world´s richest countries, based on GDP per capita.

The World Bank Ease of Doing Business list

Norway is number 6 in the World Bank rating over ease of doing business in the country.

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An E24 article about Norway’s scoring higher than the US can be read here, in Norwegian.

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The World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report

The World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report rates Norway as number 11 in their 2013-2014 edition of Growth Competitiveness Index. The index is based on public data and a survey of more than 11 000 business leaders.

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IMD World Competitiveness Scoreboard

IMD places Norway as number 10 in the 2014 edition of the World Competitiveness Scoreboard.

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The Economist Intelligence Unit Liveability Index

The EIU Indexen places Oslo at number 24. The points are given in five categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

World University Ranking (Shanghai ranking)

The University of Oslo is in place 69 out of 500 in the university ranking Academic World University Ranking (Shanghairanking). This gives UiO a place amongst the best 1% of universities in the world.

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U-multirank is the new university ranking made by the EU. 11 Norwegian universities and university colleges are included in the ranking.

U-multirank is the EU’s new university ranking, and was launched in May 2014. 11 Norwegian universities and colleges is in the ranking. The Oslo region is represented through Oslo University College in Oslo and Akershus, Telemark College, School of Fine Arts in Oslo and the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. U-multirank is designed to compare more than 800 institutions on various criteria such as discipline, degree of implementation, etc. Therefore, there is no list of total ranking, but the individual institutions have been evaluated in various fields .

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An article in Dagens Næringsliv about the survey can be found here.

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Ranking of Europe’s airports

Sleeping in Airports has rated Europe´s airports, and OSL comes in as number 10.

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Press freedom

Freedom House has analysed the global press freedom, and Norway shares first place with The Netherlands and Sweden. The whole Freedom House report is found here.

In Reporters Without Borders World Press Freedom Index 2014 Norway is found in third place, behind Finland and The Netherlands. World Press Freedom Index 2014 is here.

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