National view of the Oslo Region

How good is your municipality compared with other municipalities ?

On NHO website you can enter to see your municipality’s placement in NHO municipality NM 2013 and 2014 .

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About Oslo identity

Sigrid Hvidsten writes October 28 in Dagbladet ” Beautiful , Beautiful Oslo ” and identity related to the city . “This is for anyone who claims there is a separate Oslo sense,” she writes. Read about her view on the Oslo identity, in Norwegian, here.

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About Monocle Oslo City Survey

E24 wrote tuesday October 14th about the Monocle Oslo City Survey, ordered by Oslo Business Region“Oslo is a leading region for international business and entrepreneurship, the magazine Monocle concludes in a brand new “Oslo special editon”, that takes a closer look at the Norwegian capital.” The rest of the article in Norwegian is found here.

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Aftenposten Sunday october 12th about the regional development for the Oslo Region:

“Many towns in Akershus will barely be recognisable, if a new suggestion from top politicians in Oslo and Akershus in enforced. Like tiny Ås. Close to all business development and urban migration to Oslo and the counties surrounding it will be absorbed by the towns. They will be local cities, and larger settlements will be regional cities.” The whole article in Norwegian can be read here.


 #DiggerOslo: VisitOslos involvement project

In spring 2014 VisitOslo invited all citizens of Oslo to participate in the process of developing a new profile through the hashtag #diggeroslo (I dig Oslo) in social media. The input from the public provides an important perspective on what relationship the citizens themselves have to Oslo.

” The road towards a new logo has been out of the ordinary : We invited all the people of Oslo and the city’s tourism industry to contribute to this process , first to inspire designers with #diggeroslo , and then by allowing to vote for the best of two concepts. »

More about this project here.