The involvement process

Process transparency

We want full transparency of our working process, and will on this page publish all relevant information about the process of developing an international profiling strategy for the Oslo Region.

Gambit – Oslo region stakeholder analysis

Gambit has performed a stakeholder analysis of the Oslo region for #ProjectOsloRegion as a part of the involvement process. More information on this analysis is found here.

Bisnode – value creation analysis on the Oslo region

Bisnode has conducted a business analysis, where they have made a very nice overview of the invited and involved in the project by looking at their value creation, balanced between capital and employment.

Kreab – involment process description

Kreab has assisted #ProjectOsloRegion in planning this involvement process,  a presentation of their work can be found (in Norwegian) here.

#ProjectOsloRegion – student competition

As part of the involvement process #ProjectOsloRegion organized a student competition, where all students from the Oslo region were invited. Find the winning and final contributions here.

In depth interviews

#ProjectOsloRegion has conducted a series of in-depth interviews with several important voices in the region, as a part of the involvement process. Summaries of the interviews will be published in Norwegian here.

#ProjectOsloRegion – stakeholder workshops

We think that the stakeholders in the region has knowledge important to the development of the strategy. Therefore we wish to hear their opinions by holding a series of workshops in the region. Reports from the workshops will be published here (in Norwegian).

#ProjectOsloRegion – launch seminar and presentations

On November 4th #ProjectOsloRegion hosted a closed seminar on “The Importance of International City Branding” in Oslo City Hall. This was also the launch of the involvement phase of the project. Read more about it here, and see the program for the seminar. Presentations given at our seminar will be published here, if permitted.

Geelmuyden Kiese – PR and communication strategy for the process

Geelmuyden Kiese is responsible for the PR and communication strategy for #ProjectOsloRegion. You´ll find an executive summary of the strategy here.

#ProjectOsloRegion – newsletters

We wish to inform all the involved about the process of the development of the international profiling strategy. We have therefore sent out some newsletters during the project period. We will publish all newsletters in their entirety, in Norwegian here.