#ProjectOsloRegion – student competition

As part of the involvement process we organized a student competition, where all students from the Oslo region were invited.

The assignment was the following: Create an illustration or vision for the Oslo Region’s position in 2030, and describe a strategy for how the region could take this position. Please see the project from a holistic perspective that includes several types of issues and sector interests. Feel free to use visual and multimedia tools to bring out the main points of the paper.

The winning price: An internship at the Oslo Business Region’s office to work with the positioning project going forward. If the winner of the competition consists of a group, the group will have the opportunity to share the internship position between the group. Additionally, the winner, or the winning team, will be given the opportunity to join the City of Oslo at the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas in March 2015.

The Jury consisted of: Simen Staalnacke – Moods of Norway, Anita Krohn Traaseth – CEO Innovation Norway, Olav H. Selvaag – CEO of Selvaag Group, Anne Siri Koksrud Bekkelund – Vice Mayor for Culture and Business, Hadia Tajik – Leader of the Standing Committee on Justice and Martin Boisen – Phønix the international place branding panel.

The winner of the competition was announced during a seminar on november 4th in the City Hall.

There were two contributions in the final. The winner was “OpenCapital:Oslo” by Michael Eriksson (UiO), Thomas Borge (UiO) and Jostein Granås (BI). The other final contribution was “Competent Co-Creativity” by Ida Skjefstad (Emergence School of Leadership) and Philip Dixon Sandberg (Norwegian University of Life Sciences).

“Competent Co-Creativity” was given high praise from the jury. Both of them were considered as strong candidates, and will be used as input to the further process of the strategy work.

The Jury had the following to say about the winner: Participation, co-ownership and fellow citizenship are the central values to the winner. A concept based on openness, democracy, technology and sustainability are combinations that Norway should be associated with even stronger. Done right, this will open up for ideas across all fields of expertise. That Oslo is inviting bright minds from the whole world to utilise all available information, will make us capable of being at the front line of new ways to implement projects for our city. The way the world works today, a physical hub is not necessary to gather resources, but rather access to information, so the best ideas can be highlighted. This will stimulate an enormous creativity for all challenges and solutions around the Oslo Region.

See the presentation of both contributions:

 “OpenCapital Oslo” – “Competent Co-Creativity”

OSLO 20141104Oslo regionen - KonferanseFoto: nyebilder.noParts of the jury together with the winners of the competition