The Oslo Region will increase its international visibility

The Oslo Region is one of the best city regions in the world. We achieve high scores on international surveys. We are also the capital city region in Europe with the largest growth. However, several studies shows that these are little known facts. If we remain as anonymous in the future as we are today, it might lead to us missing out on the best international talents, investments, business establishments and visitors.

Osloregionen and Oslo Business Region are now developing an international profiling strategy to increase the international visibility of the unique qualities and values of the Oslo Region. Behind this project is Oslo municipality, along with 75 municipalities and 4 counties that all see themselves as part of the Oslo Region.

– There are some who have been doing location based international marketing. A challenge has been that these have not been coordinated, making the impact less than desirable. Now, for the first time, we wish to make a common strategy, including both the business sector and public entities, says Øyvind Såtvedt, the project manager.

To ensure that the strategy is relevant and accurate, the project will involve representatives from the business sector, culture, academia, municipalities and counties in the region to map out what use these stakeholders might have for a better international position for the region. The inhabitants of the region will also be involved, through social media, amongst other channels.

The project has involved experts from both within and outside of the country, contributing to the process.

-We want to learn from the experiences of other city regions who are already doing this. We also wish to build upon the knowledge of companies, business networks and others who have been working with marketing the region as a part of their own international strategies. An important partner is for instance the tourism sector, which is represented in the project through for example Visit Oslo, says Såtvedt.

The goal of the strategy is not a common slogan or logo, but rather to identify important international target groups for the region, essential values and stories that can contribute to convey the qualities of the Oslo Region, and specific measures that can contribute to strengthen the position of the region in important areas. The strategy will furthermore describe a model for organizing and financing a long-term working process of strengthening the international position of the Oslo Region.

The strategy will be presented early 2015.

For more information about the organisation of the project, read here.